Manchester Karate is Simply the Best

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Manchester Karate Studio is the best karate studio I have ever stepped foot into. Instructors are second to none. If you are looking for a karate studio then look no further. Whether it is for yourself or a child, Manchester Karate is simply the best, period.

Gregory A.

A Positive Experience for My 6 Year Old

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I've had nothing but a positive experience with my 6yr old here . They have taught him so many skills other than karate . The teachers are great and always willing to help a student succeed . Communication is right one as well . Thank you to all the staff for the great job you do everyday .

Jessica C.
Happy Mother

All About Respect for Yourself and Others

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This school not only teaches self defense, its all about respect for yourself and others, self-control and self-discipline. Its great for my 4yr old. She has missed a few classes but she goes back and remembers everything. She takes what she learned home with her. Ima very proud parent of a student at Manchester Karate Studio!

Steph M.
Proud Parent

A Truly Awesome Staff

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I can not say enough about how truly awesome the staff are at this amazing studio!!! My whole family goes there for the family classes and I LOVE how they take the time to make you feel welcome and comfortable! My daughter doesn't have much confidence in herself but they make her feel like she is invincible, they not only teach you karate they also teach you how to be a better person!!! It is a way of life so glad to be a part of the team!!!

Angela A.
Happy Parent/ Student