Martial Arts and Loyalty

Karate is much more than just another physical activity to be engaged in. It does much more than develop a student physically or only teach them fighting and self–defense styles. An effective karate course can help an individual to grow and develop both physically and mentally at the same time. Karate helps a student to become more confident, brave, determined, disciplined, respectful and courteous. Another value of great importance which karate can teach its students is loyalty.

What exactly is loyalty?

Loyalty at a karate institution has been popularly misunderstood. It is not necessarily the act of blindly following a teacher or becoming subservient. It is a two-sided coin which bases itself with integrity and gratitude. Loyalty is not following commands without question, but a form of self-control. True loyalty has the capability of acting as a facilitator to success. Loyalty goes hand in hand with qualities such as integrity and honesty, which are very important values for a positive development in any individual.

What does the relationship between loyalty and karate?

Loyalty at a karate session is not taught as a practice to control other people. Loyalty is that with which instructors can create an inspiration among students to help them develop both inside and outside the class. Loyalty is not only formed between an instructor and his students, but also in many other aspects as well. Loyalty to the true spirit of karate as an art helps you to prevent using the combat styles from hurting other people, but instead using it for self-defense. The loyal atmosphere that is created in a karate class helps students to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship that can have a great positive impact of social life and personal development. During training, friendships and bonds are formed that inspire a sense of loyalty which can last over many years.

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