Developing Strong Social Skills in Children

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While parents and teachers to provide a good environment for kids to grow in, some kids need extra attention in developing their social skills. Socials skills are important as they allow children to understand good relationships and maintain cordial ties with people as they are growing up.

Children of various age groups behave differently. Understanding the right levels of maturity and social development is important in identifying the areas where your child needs development. There are many ways of cultivating the right social skills in children.

Introducing children to the concept of play-dates at an early age can instill in them qualities necessary for having friends over. By arranging play-dates, children learn the social rules of engagement and how to behave politely. Before conducting a play-date for a group or pair of children, enquire thoroughly about what makes them shy or uncomfortable. Plan out activities that the children can perform together. This will help in developing qualities like team-work and confidence.

Teaching children about empathy and personal space is another vital aspect of developing strong social skills. Present your child with different scenarios with different emotional details. Ask them how they would other might feel in such conditions. This helps them to see things from a different perspective and over the course of time allows them to be more empathic. Teaching children about personal space is very important. This can be achieved by implementing certain rules or guidelines that everyone must follow while interacting or during playtime. Practicing social constructs like starting and ending conversations, maintaining eye contact, asking for someone’s attention is vital in developing confidence in children and in learning polite and respectful methods of interaction.

Such similar activities and games with a varying focus on different skills should be repeated over time to reinforce these positive values.

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