Developing Courtesy and Respect

Training in Karate is an extremely holistic development process. An individual who enrolls for karate classes embarks himself upon a journey that can completely change his personality and way of living. Karate training does not only teach an individual self-defense and fighting techniques. The classes may involve a lot of physical activity and exertion; however, this does not mean that physical development is the only aspect of a karate course. A major part of learning karate is to also achieve a mental development as well. Martial arts sessions teach students to develop their self-confidence, determination, discipline, humbleness, commitment and even leadership.

Developing courtesy during karate training

In society a general definition of courtesy would be polite behavior that is well accepted in the society. This value holds great importance in the correct development of an individual. At a karate training course, courtesy is one of the values that are given great importance. Karate itself was developed in the far eastern countries where courtesy has always had great emphasis. While learning karate, courtesy becomes a code that is necessary to follow during interaction with seniors, peers and instructors alike. Bowing to each other during karate symbolizes a sense of courtesy that is shared between all members.

Learning respect as you learn karate

Respect and courtesy go hand in hand and are both part and parcel of a learning karate. Respect is a very important and necessary social value. Karate lessons create an environment of respect at many different levels. Students learn to respect their instructors, seniors, juniors and peers. Karate develops respect in an individual that transcends beyond the classroom and into all other spheres of life as well. Courtesy and respect are what sets karate apart from just learning how to fight. Karate greatly opposes violence or hurting others, while advocating only self-defense. Such lessons of courtesy and respect that are consciously learned and unconsciously imbibed go a long way to help individuals in their future.

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