Karate for Kids – The Features and Benefits

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Karate is a martial art that requires great physical and mental discipline. Karate can be used as a form of self-defense as well as physical fitness. There are a number of benefits to learning Karate.

How Karate helps children

When children learn Karate they are trained in a variety of aspects which help them develop both physically and mentally. The benefits of karate include:

Physical strength and fitness: Karate involves a lot of physical activity. Punching, kicking, agile movement, and a whole host of other hand to hand combat strategies all help to develop strength and fitness.

Focus: One of the features of karate is to always be aware of your opponent. Children are trained to observe their opponents and anticipate their next move. The technique takes a good deal of concentrations and helps to build focus.

Respect: the martial arts teach children to never underestimate their opponent. When going into hand to hand combat the student has to show respect for the other person. Being open to the possibility that your opponent could be better than you helps children develop a respect for others.

Self-confidence: Knowing that you can defend yourself in a tough situation can be very empowering. Children gain a lot of self-confidence when they train in karate and get good at the art.

Discipline: The mental and physical concentration required when learning karate instills in children a strong sense of discipline.

Self-defense: Karate offers techniques that teach self-defense. Children who learn karate are well equipped to defend themselves and others if a situation requires it.

Aside from all these benefits, children who learn karate also earn a sense of pride and accomplishment. The benefits of karate are vast and build strong individuals.

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