Eight Tips To Build Your Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence as per the dictionary definition is “confidence in oneself and one’s powers and abilities.” Confidence is about believing in your own decisions, abilities, and qualities. It is a definite trait that helps:

  • get ahead in the chosen career
  • attract the right people
  • inspire others
  • be more productive
  • make the right decisions
  • manage risks
  • face failures in a positive way

Here are some tips to master self-confidence:

Take stock: First, get ready to start your self-confidence journey. Begin with a review of your past and current life situation and your life goals. Ensure you are in the right mindset to start the trip.

List your achievements: Make a list of what you have achieved so far in life, no matter how small or insignificant it seems to you. List details such as your scores on a tough exam, sales figures you achieved, how you helped someone during a crisis and so on.

Review your strengths: Try to look at yourself as a best friend would and list your muscles the way your friends would. Also look at real or perceived limitations that you think you have.

Set priorities: Sort out the clutter in your mind. Remove negative and self-limiting thoughts and fill it with goal-oriented positive ones. Review what matters to you in life and focus on setting realistic targets to achieve these goals.

Practice positive self-talk: Give yourself a small pep talk every day and avoid destructive self-criticism.

Build up your knowledge and skills reserve: Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to self-confidence! Learn the skills and acquire new knowledge to help you achieve the targets you have set.

Focus on health: Health is critical to building self-confidence. Focus on achieving the best possible physical, mental and spiritual health. Consult experts and get on to structured programs to feel good within.

Celebrate achievements: Set achievable, small targets for yourself and celebrate your success when you achieve them.

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