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Developing Courtesy and Respect

Training in Karate is an extremely holistic development process. An individual who enrolls for karate classes embarks himself upon a journey that can completely change his personality and way of living. Karate training does not only teach an individual self-defense and fighting techniques. The classes may involve a lot of physical activity and exertion; however, […]

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Martial Arts and Loyalty

Karate is much more than just another physical activity to be engaged in. It does much more than develop a student physically or only teach them fighting and self–defense styles. An effective karate course can help an individual to grow and develop both physically and mentally at the same time. Karate helps a student to […]

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Creating Honor and Integrity

Karate lessons are generally interspersed with the students bowing to the instructor or to each other at various specific times. Bowing to another person is normally taken to be portrayal of subservience. However, in the case of karate this is not true at all. Bowing to a teacher or fellow students has a deeper meaning […]

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Karate Teaches Self-Control to Kids

A Karate for Kids program is a system of self-defense that uses striking kicks, punches and blocks to protect oneself from an attacker. Karate can be learned by anyone who wants to gain self-confidence and self-discipline as well as various other benefits. Karate is a martial art which can be useful for a person of […]

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