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Nicole Chames
via Google

This program has incredible instructors who create the most welcoming environment when you first begin. Their knowledge and experience in BJJ is very apparent. BJJ can be intimidating and awkward for any novice, but Ross and Colton both do a wonderful job when it comes to making you feel safe and at home on the mat. If you are a woman reading this, and you’ve been considering joining but have reluctancy (for whatever reason) I urge you to at least give it a try. BJJ has improved my mind, body, and soul. It’s been a healthy outlet for me to release stress, anxiety, frustrations, and I depend on it to help stay focused on the present. I’d give this place 6/5 stars if I could.

Andrew Green
via Google

My son attends the Jiu jitsu classes. He absolutely loves them. The instructors are very knowledgeable and have an incredible attention to detail. Great place to learn the art of Jiu Jitsu!

Rich M
via Google

I highly recommend Manchester Gracie Jiu Jitsu! What I like about it is that they take the time to explain the moves/holds and then it’s time to put in the work. Ross and Colton are excellent instructors, as a white belt beginning this journey they help you understand the process, they ask if you have questions and when you do they give great answers and examples. Do not hesitate to visit!

Robin Betton
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Colton and Ross are great Gracie instructors and offer great value through the Gracie programs for members at every level Combatives/self defense (my preference over sport).

The Gracie curriculum is much better than what I have experienced in Wisconsin and NYC paying at least x2 as much to take classes with teachers that would not correctly teach anyone , there would only be low level techniques shown and then only free rolling/sparring with no long term progress for any students including the ones competing.

The instructors are patient during classes and do not raise their voice at students yet assertively voice what students need to do to progress and stay safe.

The students here (more evenly split men/women in combatives classes) are friendly and communicative and there are enough students that if you need to find a training partner that fits your training style/needs in classes you can find them.

The mats are always clean and in good physical condition (no dirt or dents in mats). The men's room and bathroom are kept clean.

Brent Gould
via Google

The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, the community is helpful and kind. Great place to learn while having fun.

Spencer Grayson
via Google

I joined Manchester Gracie Jiu Jitsu after wanting to do martial arts for a long time. After the opportunity arose I made a decision to try it out. It’s been one of the best choices I’ve made. I came not knowing what to expect. I was immediately greeted by a friendly, understanding staff. The atmosphere is overwhelmingly positive. I now look forward to going to classes twice a week. Working with people of similar experience levels makes learning this skill fun and challenging at the same time. There’s no pressure to go too far outside your comfort zone, yet there’s always a challenge to do better. If you're thinking about making a decision to try this out I would say go for it. You won’t regret it.

Mary Lord
via Google

Colton and Ross are awesome instructors! I have knee issues and they have shown me other ways to preform the exercises. Even offering to go through the exercise with me. It has been a great learning experience and I'm sure it will continue to be one.

morgan Miller
via Google

My daughters love this place. Great, knowledgeable, and patient instructors

Brittany Yasin
via Google

My son started at Manchester Karate a few months ago. The instructors are very nice, knowledgeable and fantastic with children. My son has learned so much and he really enjoys going to each class.

Mayra Sanchez
via Google

Very nice place, the instructors are very nice.

Jean Whitten
via Google

My daughter has loved the classes at this studio since her first day! They not only teach karate, but also respect (for self and others). The coaches make the classes fun and educational! So thankful we were introduced to Manchester Karate Studio!

Queenie Le
via Google

My daughter enjoys every single class and I love how involved and attentive the instructor is to every student. Would definitely recommend!

Bill Piccolo
via Google

My adopted son is learning self control and discipline through this program at Manchester Karate. The instructors are great and keep the class moving like military boot camp but they make it super fun for the kids! My son got his yellow belt this week and is super proud of himself. I highly recommended this studio especially if your kids are struggling with anger and need a positive life influence! Now he’s living black belt excellence - mostly ?

Elyse Christian
via Google

This place has benefited my daughter in so many ways since she has joined. She listens to me and her dad alot better and she's very well mannered. She always says how much she LOVES karate and they constantly compliment her progress! I would absolutely recommend Manchester Karate Studio to anyone!

Daniela Hernandez
via Google

My son is loving karate class. He’s been on his best behavior ever since he started taking classes there he looks forward to it every Friday and Saturday!

Rachel Becker
via Google

Started karate here this fall with my husband and love it! The structure and community are great, and we love having something we can do together. The environment is approachable and the facility is very clean/organized. The instructors are all so friendly and fun to take class with. I never thought I’d do karate, but I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a body/mind workout!

Nicole Crespo
via Google

We are really happy with our experience at Manchester Karate Studio, our daughter has been attending classes for about a month now and what a difference in her behavior at home and her self confidence to do things on her own. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a good physical and behavioral change in there children to take them here.

James Stimpson jr
via Google

The instructors here at the studio are AWESOME. Everyone is so knowledgeable in their craft. They can handle both of my children bouncing around in class and get them to participate and work in a team setting as well as on their own. I also take an adult class here and that is also great! Great work outs, good instruction all around. Great job guys!

Tyler Hebert
via Google

My daughter has been going here for karate for 4 years. The instructors are great with kids, and they don't just let them advance without proving they know the material. The instructors are dedicated to teaching both karate and life skills.

J. Marie Storey Mason
via Google

I signed my 12-year-old son up for Manchester Karate Studio‘s trial offer a few months ago. We were not sure what to expect, but after the first meeting and one-on-one lesson, we were both hooked. I have already seen a difference in my sons confidence and attitude. Everyone has been extremely kind and helpful. I really feel like they care about my son as an individual. It’s wonderful to have that support as a parent. I highly recommend Manchester Karate Studio!

Danielle Pride
via Google

Manchester Karate Studio is amazing!!! We have friends who have been going for years who always spoke so highly of their experience and the team at MKS. We were finally able to complete a trial class and sign our two children up at the beginning of this year and the experience has been top-notch. The entire staff is wonderful, friendly, welcoming, supportive, and kind. Mr. Lyford, our children's current instructor, is absolutely amazing. His energy, encouragement, manner of teaching and explaining not only the movements and techniques but also the larger life lessons is incredible. I can't recommend this place enough. They are fantastic.

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